Quest Reviews

As I read this book and closed the cover, my first thought was, "Amazing." The book truly left its print on my mind and heart. ~MIRIAM

Though Quest for the Nail Prints is clearly a work of fiction, it is an interesting exploration of the “what abouts, ifs and buts” of living in the land when Jesus did. One cannot read this book without feeling near to Jesus. Furr puts us in the main character’s heads and even at times, in Jesus’s head. ~Julie Saffrin

Quest For The Nail Prints makes a perfectly obvious point that everything that God has done, including sending his son to die for us, has a reason attached. Nothing is done haphazardly. To experience the human side of the man who laid down his life for us is another great example of superior writing. If the author moved you to emotion-especially one on the same level as Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of Christ-you have encountered a writer that has depth. ~Mary Nichelson 

Their intense emotions are felt on every level and the circumstances in which they find themselves really made me think about what I would do...what I have done...and what I should be doing to honor His sacrifice so that it not be in vain. I daresay Quest for the Nail Prints will make you think too. ~Pamela S Thibodeaux, Author

Furr has done an amazing thing- he has brought modernism to the bible story of the crucifiction and the events leading up to it, and brought the bible to LIFE in a way that I have never read before! I know that's saying a whole lot,but this book should be required reading in confirmation/Baptism classes.~Nicole

Never have I read a story that reached inside and squeezed my very soul. This is a book you will want to read over and over again.  It is also a book you will want to recommend to everyone around you.  I don’t think five stars is enough to tell you how much I have enjoyed and feel blessed to have read this book.  May God continue to use this book to his glory. ~Sandra Stiles

The one unique feature about this book is the nail print that goes through the book from the front cover to the back cover. Each page has a nail hole in it. It's really pretty cool!From the first chapter through the last page, Don Furr had me riveted to the book. -LaTawnia Kintz

Were you there when they crucified my Lord? What would you do if you were the only ones in the world at that time that knew in advance that Christ was going to be crucified. Quest for the Nail Prints will place each of you who will read this book exactly in the middle of it all. You may have seen movies or read other books and felt you were there. But Don Furr has placed new characters into those ancient beloved stories.  What would YOU do if you Were There? -Glenda Bixler

If you are looking for a wonderful new way to open your eyes to Easter, then look no further than Quest for the Nail Prints! It really is an eye opener and came out just in time for Easter too! I loved this book and I know you will too. ~Katherine Bartlett

"Pick this book up if you want something to read with a unique point of view, or if you just want to spend a little extra time with Jesus." ~ Erika

"This is a story of betrayal, denial and pure love. It doesn't matter your religion, this work of fiction will draw you in and keep you captivated." ~Shirley

"God works in mysterious ways to get His words across to us in today’s whirlwind society. Through Don Furr’s “Quest for the Nail Prints” God uses three very different and unsuspecting people to carry out His message to us. Through the lives of Leonardo Van Eaton, Paul Ryann and Elizabeth Stewart we embark on a journey of which we as Christians could only dream." ~ LouAnn

"I'll be totally honest with you, when I first saw this book up for review I read the email and went on to other things. I didn't actually think about it again for almost two hours when I finally said " Well it does have an interesting idea to it (the whole time travel to be with Jesus)." Two Whole hours before I even bothered emailing?!?! " ~ BJ

"Beautiful, heart-wrenching, soul searching and life changing." ~Janet Hovis