Retailers & Libraries

May 3, 2011

"Quest" goes to the Bahamas!! Thank you, The Christian Bookshop in Nassau!

May 2, 2011

A shout-out to the Library in Jonesboro, Arkansas! Thank you for adding Quest for the Nail Prints to your library!!

Thank you to the following stores and churches in the greater Memphis area who have carried Quest for the Nail Prints since it released!

 Cover to Cover Book Store 
 Applegarth Books (Millington)  
 Living Waters Book Store
 Bellevue Baptist Church
 Johnson Auxiliary Gift Shop in The Med
 Bellevue Baptist of Arlington, TN

A special thanks to Bellevue Baptist in Arlington, TN for featuring Quest for the Nail Prints as book of the month for April!

April 29, 2011

Just got news that Barnes&Noble placed a very large order for Quest for the Nail Prints!!! Ships today from Sheaf House distributor, APG in Nashville! Thanks, Cary for all your hard work! Quest is going to brick and mortar at Barnes & Noble!!!! THANK YOU B&N!!! I appreciate your support!!

April 28, 2011

Quest for the Nail Prints received an incredible welcome at Retailing ReBoot from Charima Media! Humbled by the encouraging words. Learned A LOT!!! Made some great new friends and wonderful connections. Quest for the Nail Prints sold to over 60% of the Churches and Retailers there! Very Excited! A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU To all the CHURCHES AND RETAILERS, along with CHARISMA MEDIA! Check back for a complete list of new retail outlets for Quest soon!!

April 26, 2011

Quest for the Nail Prints made its first trade show debut today with its publisher, Sheaf House Publishers, at Retailing Reboot held this year in Orlando, Florida, which is presented by Christian Retailing. Thank you to all the retailers and church bookstores that are here! Looking forward to meeting you all! I will be here through April 28th and will be posting pictures and giving a shout out to some of the retailers!! Looks like it is going to be an exciting 3 days!!

Author Signing and Dinner at Retailing ReBoot!

Looks wonderful! Thanks Christian Retailing!